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Infrastructure and Security
The performance of an IT environment determines future business performance.

IT infrastructure is the foundation of digital development, high performance system processes assume a perfect IT environment. Out of data technologies, by contrast make it easier to break into your systems. State- of- art, easy to maintain digital infrastructure protects you and your investments and will allow you to react with flexibility and with agility for future developments. we unravel and standardize your IT structure.

We aid your advice implementation from a plannedstrategy to system maintenance, where we will have a watch on your business goals and adjust process in order to ensure seamless integration. In case of outsourcing of operation and maintenance is a possibility customer can take advantage of our services in the application management and managed service sectors- even if the infrastructures in question are critical ones.

KITE infrastructure is a combined set of Hardware, Software, Network facilities etc. In order to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support It services.

Our wide range of services are

  • Servers installation, setup, migration, maintenance etc.
  • Provision of IT hardware, services, setup, maintenance etc.
  • AMC’s of your complete IT hardware/software on premises.
  • Security design of your IT infrastructure.
  • Data center design and development.
  • Provision of network components setup, maintenance etc.
  • Wide range of applications design and deployment (cloud and on-premise solutions)
  • Access control security solutions
  • Backup and recovery solution.
cloud Hosting dammam, khobar and jubail

Cloud Hosting

Fully managed cloud scalable, secure and flexible.

Hosting your everyday applications is easy. Our teams of Engineers are ready to get you started. From the moment that you talk with our account executives to the day that your new Virtual desktops are setup and deployable, you will be impressed with the breadth of knowledge, professionalism and care that our team pours into every customer we serve.

IT server management dammam, khobar and jubail

IT Server Management

Your business is on safe hands with our server and networking team.

Server management can be achieved with a few but different types of software, the tools which provide monitoring, diagnosing and remedying issues associated with IT infrastructure. KITE constantly monitors the performance creates a base line, alert administrators of crashes and suggests solutions for performance issues.

Application performance monitoring (APM) provides management tools for IT infrastructure backing web applications were the applications will be tracked and diagnosed both programming and physical server functionality.

network management dammam, khobar and jubail

Network Management

Keep your network safe from prying eyes.

This software is used to monitor, maintain computer networks by tracking networks band width availability, performance and hardware.

Bandwidth monitoring checks how much network traffic is caused by computers, application or protocol. Availability monitoring continuously checks whether devices can be reached. We also check all performance and load monitoring with network speed, monitors, CPU usage, RAM load and rest of the parameters.

IT security dammam, khobar and jubail

IT Security Management

In our security software, our business is to help people adopt a layered computer security strategy.

Protection service of our business at its best most comprehensive end point security package, so designed from the ground to solve challenging business security needs, without significant maintenance or management overhead. We protect all your devices against threats, ransom ware and data breaches. It also includes security for windows, IOS and Android including server platforms and password protection.

cctv solutions dammam, khobar and jubail

CCTV Solutions

Providing integrated solutions for Security and Surveilance.

With the revolution of technology in the area of crime detection and monitoring the need for CCTV applications have become undeniable hence closed-circuit television system is employed as a tool in cracking crimes and monitoring crime in public places and private companies. The technology is simple to use and enables the management or the organization to view, monitor, Reduce and mange situational crimes.

KITE CCTV solutions offers security cameras that meet the industry standards need of many organizations. It can also be deployed as tailor-made, to meet specific need of individual organizations and companies.