Application Management Support Services in saudia


Application Management - Support Services
Dedicated Support Model– KITE conceptualized & rolled out an efficient application support model.

It included following support service(s): L1.5 Refer runbook and provide the instant solution. Vendor coordination/Business interaction & follow-up for issue resolutions. Proactive application monitoring and issue resolution. Follow-up with other Support & Infra team for issue resolutions. Qualify the issue for L2 support in case L1.5 team is not able to resolve the issue

L2 Break fix & Analysis Operational Monitoring with proactive management of problems and normal housekeeping activities. Fix issues related to application Configuration changes. Provide workarounds / alternate resolutions. Sanity checks / testing on the Production environment after deployment of a patch / release. Ongoing Knowledge Management for Support & Knowledge Retention Documentation for each application. Problem management Root Cause Analysis of the issues and providing reports to the stakeholders on monthly basis.

L3 Looking into any issue that is not resolved by L2 and require debugging through source code. Suggest workaround incase functionality is not working due to design or architecture limitation. Investigate the issue through logs/source code for the issues that are not reproducible. Responsible for hotfix creation in case reported issue is reproducible and require hotfix to resolve. Change control administration as per the existing process. Request evaluation and effort estimation Release management

Application Enhancement – Any requests or changes required in the application were also catered to as a part of the service model. All requests / new enhancements followed the pre-defined change request model and were developed only after getting the necessary approvals from client stakeholders.

Regular Support Activities - As part of service model, regular support activities which were separate from incident support requests were also performed. These regular support activities helped in keeping the application safe and secure. Some of the key tasks performed were: Regular Health Check of the applications & Databases. Monthly Server reboot & service validations. Liaising with 3rdParty for OEM applications. Ticket Analysis & a monthly report, Continuous improvement activities


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Technology infrastructure with an easily maintainable approach

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Of legacy and new technology platforms

Key Benefits

With successful roll-out and implementation of this powerful support model, KITE achieved a number of positive outcomes for the client. Few of the key benefits are:

  • 10% increase in ROI for the client with rollout of the managed support model.
  • Drastic reduction in IT operational expenses of the client.
  • Faster resolution to user issues due to streamlined support process.
  • Around 15% increase in productivity of client team due to consolidation of support partner.
  • Delivered exceptional service by overachieving SLA’s month on month.