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Privacy & Cybersecurity Innovations

Privacy & Cybersecurity Innovations
September 14, 2023 not marked a significant step in safeguarding data privacy in Saudi Arabia with the enactment of the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)

Our goal at KITE is to go beyond digital advancement by strengthening digital infrastructure to parallel the rapid global developments and innovations in digital services. A key step in this direction is our deep Privacy & Cybersecurity expertise, particularly in relation to the NCA-ECC-1:2018, CMA, NDMO, CRF, SAMA, and CCC. Contact us for more information.

Culture of Privacy Assessment

  • Establishing a data-centric culture within organizations is a major goal of the PDPL.
  • Our Culture of Privacy Assessment delivers a comprehensive picture of the privacy culture within your organization.
  • The assessment guides organizations by identifying risks and opportunities within the organizational privacy context.
  • We have experts and partners who are specialized in conducting robust culture of privacy assessments to help organizations foresee their future from a privacy perspective.

Meta Privacy Education, Training, and Awareness Kite (MetaPetaKite) Programs

  • Our MetaPetaKite programs are tailored to support the PDPL and specific organizational needs.
  • We offer cutting-edge science-based workshops and courses developed particularly to advance organizational privacy practices and to significantly mitigate potential cybersecurity risks.
  • Our MetaPetaKite programs are innovative, interactive, and enjoyable but most importantly they provide trainees with tremendous soft knowledge to enhance their practical privacy and security decisions in digital platforms.
  • All workshops and courses are delivered by privacy and security scholars and practitioners who hold PhDs from well-esteemed universities and professional certifications from globally recognized associations (ISACA, ISO, EC-Council).

Simulation and Behavioral Experiments

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